mission and value represents the needs of the local bike community in the regions of Bern, Biel, Northwestern Switzerland and Ticino.


We work on a voluntary basis. is managed by the central board. The individual regions act largely independently.

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for mountain bikers

We are committed to legal, attractive and sustainable mountain bike offers: Bike trails, donwhill tracks, pumptracks, dirt parks.


In addition, we want to promote the local bike community and together advance the sport of mountain biking in Switzerland.

for authorities

We are a reliable partner for authorities (forestry office, sports office, etc.) for all questions concerning mountain biking.

Together with the responsible parties, we develop concepts for the joint use of space, for solutions in the forest and in urban areas.

for nature conservation

As mountain bikers, we enjoy our activities in nature. Therefore, transparent communication and cooperation with nature and landscape conservation is a central part of our work.


However, we also represent our interests. For us, a joint approach therefore also means being open to factual discussions and finding solutions in case of discussion.

for politicians

for other stakeholders always tries to find a balance between its own interests and those of other affected groups such as hikers, forest and land owners, farmers, horse riders, etc.. We are interested in finding objective and evidence-based solutions.


Felix Werder

Head Trailnet Bern

Felix already has the most years under his belt in the trailnet community. He has been involved with trailnet since its foundation in 2004 and is also involved in the BikeDays Solothurn and the Hallo Velo Festival in the city of Bern. Within trailnet he has carried out 2 strategic reorganisations and also takes care of the membership administration.

Serge Rau

Head Trailnet Biel

Serge has been taking care of things in Biel for 10 years. Thanks to him and his crew, the Biel community has 2 Pumptracks and the BielTrail with national charisma. Serge recognizes the signs of the times and transforms the BielTrail steadily from a downhill trail to a veritable enduro line. He is also looking for new, unconventional solutions, such as collaborating with the Civil Defense for larger renovation projects.

René Schenker

Head Trailnet Nordwestschweiz

René has been actively involved in mountain biking for almost 15 years. Thanks to his understanding, fair and yet determined manner, he has been able to achieve quite a bit in the region. He has not only built Trailnet Northwestern Switzerland, but was also involved in the development of Swiss Cycling Guide.

Hans Bandi

Head Trailnet Ticino

Owner Bed&bike Tremola San Gottardo. Tremola storyteller, ski and telemark instructor, speaker, organizer of sports and cultural events, passionate about alpine tourism. Active in the world of building design. Happy Swissness. He lives happily in the Alps.

Jakob Schmid


Without Köbi, the Trailnet Central Board and Trailnet Northwestern Switzerland would not be as financially tidy as they are today. Köbi has experience in the management of internationally active companies and, thanks to his fine, calm manner, he can bring internal, sometimes heated discussions back to objectivity in an absolutely ego-free manner.

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