About us

trailnet.ch represents the needs of the local bike community in the regions of Bern, Biel and Northwestern Switzerland.


We work on a voluntary basis. trailnet.ch is managed by the Central Board. The individual regions act largely independently.

for mountain bikers

We are committed to legal, attractive and sustainable mountain bike offers: We also want to promote the local bike community and jointly promote mountain biking in Switzerland.

for authorities

We are a reliable partner for authorities (forestry office, sports office, etc.) in all questions concerning mountain biking, and together with those responsible we develop concepts for the joint use of space, for solutions in the forest and in urban areas.

for nature conservation

Als Mountainbiker geniessen wir unsere Aktivitäten in der Natur. Deshalb ist transparente Kommunikation und Zusammenarbeit mit dem Natur- und Landschaftsschutz zentraler Bestandteil unserer Arbeit.

Wir vertreten aber auch unsere Interessen. Ein gemeinsamer Ansatz bedeutet für uns deshalb auch, im Diskussionsfall offen für sachliche Diskussionen und Lösungsfindung zu sein.

for politics

We represent the interests of mountain bikers and mountain biking sports in Switzerland in campaigns and other activities, including at the political level.

for other stakeholders

trailnet.ch always tries to find a balance between its own interests and those of other affected groups such as hikers, forest and land owners, farmers, riders, etc. We are open to objective, evidence-based and solution-oriented discussions.

Serge Rau

Head Region Biel

Serge Rau

Manager Pumptrack Wildermeth

Serge Rau

Manager BielTrail