Trail Rules

Observe the Code of Conduct and you positively shape the image of our sport.


You promote mutual tolerance – Share the Trail!


Mountain bikers …

You give way to other trail users


Announce yourself early – there is always time to say hello

Reduce your speed when overtaking and crossing or stop


Avoid busy sections of the road

Ride only on paths, trails, routes and designated tracks


Riding off existing trails is taboo for you


Respect local trail closures and protected areas

If you encounter an animal, stop and wait until it has retreated.


Close pasture fences after you have passed them.


Avoid herds and guard dogs on foot, calmly and with enough distance.

Don’t brake with locked wheels – it hurts the trail and your tires


Avoid dirt tracks after rain


Do not leave trash behind

You can always stop on sight


Adapt your speed to the situation


Plan your tour, estimate your capacity and the weather correctly

Wearing a helmet is a matter of course


Repair and first aid kit are always with you


Rain and heat protection are part of every touring equipment


Your bike is roadworthy and for the twilight you have light with you.

You can call for help in case of emergency: Emergency number 112


Wir möchten den Mountainbike Sport in unseren Regionen zugänglich machen und den Menschen legalen Zugang zu grossartiger und nachhaltiger Mountainbike Infrastruktur in der Nähe ihres Zuhauses ermöglichen.

Dafür benötigen wir deine Hilfe. Werde jetzt Gönner, Mitglied oder spende einmalig einen Beitrag!

Mehr Infos über Trailnet Nordwestschweiz und unser Engagement findest du hier.

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